Roman Glass Jewelry

Roman Glass Jewelry


Prices range depending on design and intricacy of the work. Earrings range from $56 to $86.  Necklaces range from $48 to $139.


Each unique piece of Roman Glass Jewelry is expertly handcrafted using a fragment of ancient glass discovered at an archeological excavation site in modern-day Israel.  

After the glass fragments are carefully collected and expertly cleaned, the process of giving them new life begins. Each piece is individually shaped and carefully placed in the finest hand-crafted sterling silver setting by skilled artisans.  The "patina" (exquisite surface coloring) has been created by chemical interactions between the buried glass and the mineral-rich soil found throughout Israel. After centuries of being buried, a thin layer of patina is formed on the glass. This process of oxidation creates various shades of blues and greens, purples, and even some pinks. As the exact coloration depends on the minerals and conditions to which the glass has been exposed, each piece is truly unique. Immersion in water may harm the natural patina, so it is highly recommended that Roma Glass jewelry be removed prior to bathing or swimming.





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